April 04, 2024

How the Hat Burning Workshop Came About

Caroline Riepler the owner of Western Border and Co. is a true designer/artist at heart. People Country Magazine, Western Horseman Magazine, Channel 9 News and more have featured her original designs for western apparel and accessories.

Caroline loves dabbling in different art mediums to keep her creative juices flowing and give her opportunity to enjoy something new. After creating her first burnt hat in 2023, she posted it on social media. Her friend Brooke saw it and requested a home hat burning party for her friends. Caroline agreed and the rest is history.

Caroline loves giving hat burning workshops. She enjoys helping people create memories and a hat to go along with them. She shows you how to design and burn your hat and accessorize it to your heart's desire.

She spreads light and love into her workshops, like she does in her very own products. You won't be disappointed trying something new.

For more information about her workshops just go to her website www.westernborderandco.com