What is a Bandanna or a Handkerchief in the Cowboy World used for?


What is a Bandanna or a Handkerchief in the Cowboy World used for?

Well for our little buckaroos it’s a bib to keep yourself clean after eating some grub, but for older cowboys well that is a different story. Let me tell you what I think the older Cowboys might use them for:

Face Mask to keep the critters out

Face Mask to keep the dusty wind out

Table cloth while your on the trail


Clean your pistol with

to protect yourself against a sunburn

Washcloth which is very fashionable

Tie up your leg if you got a bite of some sort

Wave for signaling someone

Wrap up lunch

Feed chicken feed to your chickens

Feed Oats to your horse

Collect flowers for  your sweetheart

Use for wipe something? (wonder what that could be)

Fashion statement

Tie up a Critter with


(The uses for a Bandanna are endless)

Leave some more ideas if you have some in the comment section.

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