What does Justin Moore and Moms have in common (“You look like I need a drink”)

What does Justin Moore and Moms have in Common (“You look like I need a drink”)?

Well, I think you know where I am going with this. Mom’s we are busy all day long and it gets worse during the summer break. All you hear is: Mom I’m bored, Mom can we go swimming, Mom where is my special shirt, Mom… Mom…. Mom

And you can get hardly anything done. It’s not always like that for me, but in some cases yes. I just try to do what I can and try to make everyone happy. Take it nice and easy I say. But I do believe when my husband comes home on some days he knows that look on my face, and he is thinking “You look like I need a drink”. Well not exactly, but almost. (With out the break up of course)

Just love Justin Moore and his cute little family. His music just lights up my day and his music videos are always fun to watch. Can’t wait for his next Album to come out. How do you like this new single? Check out his video up above.

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