What do Mom’s and Kenny Chesney song ” Noise ” have in common

What do Mom’s and Kenny Chesney song “Noise” have in common

I must say Kenny Chesney song “Noise” has great meaning. He’s songs tell it like it is. There is to much noise going on in this world, from video games, tv, phones, screaming, having fits, negativity and more. And you guessed it us Mom’s can’t stand the noise…. at least I can’t. I really need some quiet time as well as my son needs it too.

I miss those times when we didn’t have all of this technology, it was way simpler back┬áthen. At least I think so, what are your thoughts? Just leave a comments below, I would love to hear from you.

Below is Kenny Chesney Video Noise to enjoy.


One thing is for sure I love to hear babies laugh. That noise is a delightful one.


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