Western Border Grandma from Texas shared this with us.

We were so excited to receive this special order from this first time Grandma (Debbie Johnson) in Texas. She was so delightful to talk to on the phone.  Her spirits were so up beat, even though Texas was hit by Hurricane Harvey. We really enjoy having her on our facebook fanpage!

She told me how excited she is to have her first grandson Kyle, and he is now one month old. We offered to do a custom order of one of our Rodeo Starter Number with her first grand babies name on it.  We normally don’t do this, but just once and a while we love to make our Western Border fans happy.

While we were talking to her, she told me how she altered a song for her kids and now she sings it to her new grand baby.

Though Hush little baby don’t you cry. 
Grandmas gonna sing you a lullaby.
If this lullaby won’t work , grandmas gonna buy you a mockingbird 
If that mockingbird won’t sing, grandmas gonna buy you a diamond ring. 
If that diamond ring turns brass, grandmas gonna buy you looking glass. 
If that looking glass gets broke
Grandmas gonna buy you a billy goat. 
If that billy goat won’t pull 
Grandmas gonna buy you a cart and bull 
If that cart and bull turn over 
Grandmas gonna buy you a dog named Rover. 
If that named Rover won’t play 
Grandmas gonna buy you a Chevrolet 
If that Chevrolet won’t run 
Grandmas gonna buy you a BB gun 
If that BB gun won’t shoot
Grandmas gonna buy you a bathing suit
If that bathing suit don’t fit 
Grandmas gonna have a conniption fit.

We are sending Debbie and her grand grandson and the rest of the family lots of greetings from Colorado and we are praying for everyone that has been affected by hurricane Harvey.


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