Stain Removal Tips for your Holiday Napkins

Stain Removal Tips for your Holiday Napkins

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You will just love Holiday Parties, well at least I do. But the clean up I can really do with out. Come on, I know that you are all with me on this. What I really don’t enjoy when your linen napkins get stains on them. The washing machine can’t do everything, so you need a little help to prep up your napkins before washing. Here are some tips that might help save your napkins from various stains that you might get like:

Red Wine, Candle Wax, and Spicy Foods

  1. Candle Wax: Scrap what every you can get off the napkin. You can put brown wrapping paper or a paper towel between the napkin and then use the hot iron to melt the wax and so that the paper will absorb the wax. Spray with spot cleaner and then wash.

2. Red Wine: Treat immediately by soaking up the red wine with a paper towel. Either pour white wine on the stain or sprinkle a thick layer of salt to soak up the wine. Spray and wash.

3. Spicy Food: I usually use Amway spot cleaner, it get most of all my stains out. But some say that if you have white linen you should use bleach.

I usually say, if you get to the stains immediately you will have a good chance to get all the stains out.

May your parties be the talk of the town and have less wash to deal with when the party is over.


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