Luke Bryan teaches his Children the real reason for Christmas


photo credit CMA Awards TV Show

I have always loved Luke Bryan and his cute Family. Even more so with his last interview with Rare Country about celebrating Christmas. He said the hottest things his kids are thinking about are Legos, Bow and Arrows, BB Gun, etc. They can go out and play but “don’t shoot the dog” jokingly. But the really reason which they do everyday and of course at Christmas time is talk about “Jesus”, “Christianity”, “how to be a good person”, “believe in the high powers”. “Just sit back and tell them the real reason for Christmas.  (see full interview here: You Tube)

This is something I do with my son as well. It’s so important for him to know everything about our Lord Jesus Christ and how to be a good person. Do you do this as well?

Some other things I do are: getting the special Christmas books out and reading them to him. (Where is the new born King, The Little Drummer Boy, Room for a Little One a Christmas Tale), having a  special Christmas Eve dinner, which consists of bouillon soup with fine noodles and a German small hot dog. Well, you think what’s so special about that? The reason for this is, that my husband’s family didn’t have very much when he was growing up in Austria, this was the only thing that they could afford. It was the best meal for them at Christmas time. So, I have continued his tradition and thank the Lord for all the blessings we have. On Christmas Day we enjoy yummy food, family and good times.

I would like to take the time to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and last but not least ending a with a Luke Bryan Christmas song Run Run Rudolph

~ Caroline

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