Get real with Chad Prather on Father’s Day

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Meet Chad Prather a Father, an internet sensation, TV Host, Product spokesperson who is a true Cowboy and tells it like it is. We were fortunate to have an interview with him about Fatherhood, read on for his pearls of wisdom on Fatherhood.

1. What inspired you most when you became a new father?

Chad: When ever you have a baby for the first time, I know for me it was life changing. It’s nothing more than you can love, that a humun created. Man I would want to have a hundred of these, because the feeling of that is so good. It changed my life so much when we had our oldest daughter. That I wouldn’t travel for 2 years, I just couldn’t leave this kid. As much as I traveled and traveling at, I just couldn’t stay away from this kid. Her life inspired me, knowing that you created something so incredible, it was absolutely life changing.

2. Any advice for a new Father to be?

Chad: The thoughts that I have in that are this, and let me try and make it simple, in this day and age to many guys don’t know how to be a father. They got their info. from Hollywood or from television. I always encourage them to be a true father. Don’t try and be a friend to your kid. You can be friend with your kids, but that shouldn’t be your main priority. You’ve got to be that person of authority, a person that gives them discipline, also that person that gives them unconditional love, to let them know that they are secure in a love of a true father. You got to be there for them and communicate with them. I feel that these guys that are about to have babies, should do the things that you expect Mom to do. Change the diapers, feed the baby, get up the middle of the night and rock the baby to sleep. Breast feed the baby (just kidding). I was committed when we had babies. I got up in the middle of the night and rocked them back to sleep, gave them a bottle and rocked them back to sleep. It was kinda my time. And looking back on that I would never want to change that, and I will always have those memories. Basically I think that those guys should do those things that typically the mother’s would do. It’s against the grain for most fathers, for most guys, especially if they don’t have any experience in that.

3. Who do you look up to?

Chad: I look up to my Dad. He is now 74 years old, has had multiple strokes, paralyzed on the right side of his body, and he needs assistance getting around. But he still has that ability to give the look that will put the fear right in you. And I respect him and listen to him, and I still learn from him and even in his weakness his is still a strong man. I have been fortunate to have really some good men in my life, who I see as mentors. I like to use the term spiritual fathers in my life. Very fortunate to learn from them and so much that the things that people look at me and say, wow I love what you say, we love have you see things. All that is a product of those men coming out of me. I am just another generation of those guys, their voices coming out of me. Whether it’s my father or my mentors.

I will give you an example: I was talking to my nephew the other day, trying to help him get on his feet. He recently moved, got a new job, and I was being pretty straight forward telling him the same things. And I thought to myself,  Mann I sound like my Dad. It’s funny how that works.

4. Your just a positive person. How do you pass that positivity on down to your children?

Chad: I made a decision when they were babies that I wanted to teach them a value system. More than just teaching them from right and wrong. I want them to have their own value system. Because with wrong values you got the wrong outlook on what is right and wrong. But if you teach them the right values. They will make the right decision of what is right and wrong. One of those values is to encourage yourself to have a positive outlook on life, no matter what you are going through. It can only get better. Anything short of the grave can improve. And I have got this saying that I say: You know what I have seen tragedy, and this isn’t it. Therefore you can move on from it. My kids are extremely responsible, their encouragers, their polite, their positive. They have been through a lot, they have seen a lot. They have seen our hard times and they have had their own hard times. And again they have still a bright positive outlook on life. And I think it’s part of their value system.

Chad Prather Video on getting his son late for school

5. Your so busy with work, being a popular internet personality, TV show host, product spokesperson. How do you keep it simple or grounded with your family?

Chad: It’s hard, but it’s a concision decision. You got to make that time. When we see those opportunities on the calendar, we do it. We don’t see it as much as we like too, so when we see a door open we take it and enjoy each other.

6. How do you feel about the technology age that our kids are going through?

Chad: My kids where late in the game on the technology thing. They were late on getting the cell phone. I always made sure there was no abuse of that. Like ignoring people in exchange for your technology. And my kids are involved in other things that don’t have anything to do with technology. Whether it’s working a job (oldest daughter),  or teaching ballet (second oldest daughter). I have never seen a type of abuse with that. Which is nice.  On the good side of things, I’ve got a daughter that has written 2 full length youth adult novels that she has done successfully and has needed technology to do that. We are pretty fortunate in that regard.

6. How has your faith helped you with Fatherhood?

Chad: It’s everything. I see God in my life as my heavenly Father. If I can interpret my God as my heavenly Father, it helps me to understand how I am supposed to behave as a father. If he is loving and forgiving, but also disciplined then I can learn from that example. The bible talks about Gods discipline and are heavenly those that he loves. Things like discipline is a blessing and that is a forming of showing you love someone. And I try to take my cues from that. Examples that I live by.

7. You can tell that you clearly enjoy the western culture and lifestyle. Have you passed that on to your children, if so how?

Chad: In some regards yes, but ultimately I have allowed them to go their own route. I have love for western culture, horses, and cows as odd as that sound. My kids could care less about cows. The boys enjoy riding as well as some other things. Fortunately, we helped them embrace things that they are passionate about. And I am one of those guys, that are perfectly ok with that.

Anything else you would like to add about Fatherhood?

Chad: Fatherhood and Parenthood is truly the greatest blessing. It’s the biggest gift in the world. We all mess up and make mistakes and we all think we wish we could take back and do things differently. Unfortunately, what done is done . And now what we got to do is make the best of the mistake or decision we made. Learn from it and don’t do it again. But ultimately I have learned kids are resilient and in spite of our flaws, most of the time they turn out ok. And sometimes we try to over analyze us as parents and fathers and wondering if we are doing it right and with amazing Gods graze we manage to produce some pretty good kids and the ultimate adults.

Here is another video with Chad Prather telling your kids no

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