Found a great skin product that helped my 4 legged baby


Is your four-legged kids having acute skin allergies or issues? Well, I have been dealing with my cute 4 legged Siberian Husky allergies for a year now. It all started when the vet changed heart guard medications. They said it wasn’t that, but I knew something wasn’t right. She started getting ear infections, acute scratching in her hot spots. She scratched so much that her hair was gone and it was bleeding a lot. She wore a cone for the longest time. I have been to so many vets and even a vet skin specialist to find out the cause. I probably spent at least $2000.00 and nothing helped. (antibiotic’s, ointments, pills, etc.)

Until I came across this company called They specialize in horse allergies, skin problems, wounds, fly issues and they have a dog product line. I called them up and sent them a picture of what I was dealing with. They wrote me back within 24 hours and said yes, they can help me. And I bought their dog shampoo and lotion, which is all organic ingredients. Within a month time, I saw such an improvement. Here are the before and after pics



I really hopeful that in a months time, everything will be all gone. You can see the results are amazing. And it’s all natural. For more information about the ingredients and what they do just go to their website.

Please note this post is not sponsored, nor is it an affiliate posting. This my true experience with by Siberian Husky.


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