DIY Christmas Mason Jar Coasters


Christmas is just around the corner and I always enjoy making gifts for my friends. Which is simple and easy to make, and then just wrap them up with a sheer red colored bag and bow and you are good to go.

Great gifts to make for a party, teachers gift, etc.


  • Wide Mouth Mason Jar Lids
  • Thin Sheets of Cork
  • Stamps of your choice or use the silhouette vinyl cutter
  • Permanent Ink (If you decide to use a stamp)
  • Heavy duty permanent glue
  • Paint Spray of your choice (use one that is great on Metal)


Trace your mason jar lid onto the cork sheet. Cut out the circles and put aside


Hot Glue or Permanent Glue all of your metal rings to the lids


Spray Paint all of your Mason Jar lids to the paint spray you desire


Stamp or Vinyl all of your cork circles on one side


Hot glue all of the cork circle inside your mason jar lid


Enjoy your coasters with a yummy Eggnog

For those of you that do not know me I am a Mom, Wife, Fashion Designer of Western Wear (Western Border and CO). I love to do DIY Crafts, Bake, Cook, be with my family and friends. If you want to know more about me or my products just go to my website or join my VIP Facebook Group Page

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