DIY Christmas Cards and listening to Darius Rucker Home for the Holidays Christmas Music

darius Rucker

Just love doing these DIY Christmas Cards while listening too Darius Rucker. I have always loved his voice, and I think his 12 Christmas Songs was an excellent selection. I really enjoyed What God Wants For Christmas, I think its so fitting for the all the bad things that are happening from terrorists, shootings, kidnappings and etc.  I think the words in this song hit home for me.

“I wonder what God wants for Christmas”

“Something you can’t find in the store”

Maybe Peace on Earth

Yes, Peace on Earth is really what we all need right now!

If you like some up lifting, up beat, and fun Christmas Music then this is a must in your Christmas music collection.

Getting back to my craft, I decided to make my own DIY Christmas Cards. And I will post a the original artwork for you to save and reprint yourself, so you can make them yourself. (just enlarge it for a normal paper size print).



-Buttons, Fabric, String, etc (what ever you need to make the ornaments)

-Paper Stock Paper (to print them out)


Just glue buttons, string, fabric cut etc. for the ornaments on your cards. Easy as eating pumpkin pie. ENJOY!



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