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4th of July Napkins folded into Tea Lights

   4th of July Napkins Folded into Tea Lights A simple idea for you do at your next 4th of July Party. They are really easy to fold! Here is a...   More »

Vintage Baby Shower Card

   Baby Shower Card Spring is coming, a time for renewal, rebirth, and adorable babies! Here is a sweet vintage card that is perfect for a baby shower or a congratulations...   More »

DIY Christmas Mason Jar Coasters

   Christmas is just around the corner and I always enjoy making gifts for my friends. Which is simple and easy to make, and then just wrap them up with a...   More »

What is a Bandanna or a Handkerchief in the Cowboy World used for?

   What is a Bandanna or a Handkerchief in the Cowboy World used for? Well for our little buckaroos it’s a bib to keep yourself clean after eating some grub, but for...   More »


   It’s time for a little girlfriend get together before all the holiday’s start! Kind of a pre-holiday celebration with my besties. I know it gets busy around the holidays from Halloween,...   More »

Fall Pumpkin – Sunflower Invitation Download

   Well, I just love to doodle and I am going to invite my favorite girlfriends to my Thankful lfgirriend Party. I am so blessed to have so many wonderful women...   More »

What does Luke Bryan and our Camo Baby Wear have in common?

   Luke Bryan is one of my favorite Country Singers. His songs have meaning and makes me want to get up and dance. At least that is how I feel. I love how he...   More »

Stain Removal Tips for your Holiday Napkins

   Stain Removal Tips for your Holiday Napkins You will just love Holiday Parties, well at least I do. But the clean up I can really do with out. Come on,...   More »

Fold your Napkins into tea light candles

   FOLD YOUR NAPKINS INTO TEA LIGHT CANDLES Fold your napkin into triangle. And then fold it down to the middle. Fold down the top 1 inch or so. (It depends...   More »

Western Burp-cloth and Bib gift set

   We are lovin’ our affordable gifts sets for every new Mom and Baby. The Burp-Cloths are made with 100 % cotton and soft Fleece Backing and our Bibs are made...   More »