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What does HonkyTonk Angels have to do with Western Border & Co?

   I always think God puts people in front of your door step that you need to know about. It was such a  blessing to have Bernie Nelson a famous song writer and singer...   More »

What do Mom’s and Kenny Chesney song ” Noise ” have in common

   What do Mom’s and Kenny Chesney song “Noise” have in common I must say Kenny Chesney song “Noise” has great meaning. He’s songs tell it like it is. There is...   More »

Our little buckaroos love Granger Smith’s song “If the Boot Fits”

   I just love Granger Smith! His songs light up my day. He just has a way of making me want to tap to his song’s. On my bucket list to do, is see...   More »

“May we all get to see those fields of green turn gold”

     MAY WE ALL by Florida Georgia Line with Tim Mcgraw A song about life,  just enjoying the simple things and learn from the bad times to make your life...   More »

What does Justin Moore and Moms have in common (“You look like I need a drink”)

   What does Justin Moore and Moms have in Common (“You look like I need a drink”)? Well, I think you know where I am going with this. Mom’s we are...   More »

What does Luke Bryan and our Camo Baby Wear have in common?

   Luke Bryan is one of my favorite Country Singers. His songs have meaning and makes me want to get up and dance. At least that is how I feel. I love how he...   More »

Get real with Chad Prather on Father’s Day

   Meet Chad Prather a Father, an internet sensation, TV Host, Product spokesperson who is a true Cowboy and tells it like it is. We were fortunate to have an interview...   More »

Let’s start the New Year Right! Some wise words from Chad Prather

                                                  GET ON TOP It’s not to late to...   More »

Luke Bryan teaches his Children the real reason for Christmas

   photo credit CMA Awards TV Show I have always loved Luke Bryan and his cute Family. Even more so with his last interview with Rare Country about celebrating Christmas. He...   More »

Behind a great music country star Craig Campbell, is a great Woman, wife, mother, entrepreneur

   Behind a great music country star Craig Campbell is a great woman, wife, mother, entrepreneur Mindy Ellis Campbell photo credit by Angelea Presti This woman just amazes me how she can...   More »